Hi there! I’m Erin Lowry. You might know me as “Broke Millennial” aka a financial translator to help you cut through the jargon (and BS) in the finance world. I’ve written three personal finance books (Broke Millennial, Broke Millennial Takes On Investing and Broke Millennial Talks Money) and one workbook (Broke Millennial Workbook: Take Control and Get Your Financial Life Together).

But that’s the old me.

After a full year of writing a personal finance newsletter, I decided to pivot and start talking about another great love of my life: Unsolicited Advice.

I’m a heinous perpetrator of unsolicited advice. 

It’s hard to know if this compulsion is simply a byproduct of my personality or tied into my birth order (hello fellow oldest daughters) or something to do with being on the cut off day of Taurus and Gemini or being born in the year of the snake or being a millennial raised to believe my voice matters, which means I over index the importance of my opinion and give it far, far too much value. 

Instead of shying away from this flawed personality trait, I’m leaning all the way in. 

Give me your scenarios, your quandaries, your questions, or just send me an AITA to get my hot take. Topics don’t need to be money related – but I’m always happy to talk about money. 

Submit your (un)solicited advice request here. 

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